306 Mln TRX Moved by Poloniex While Tron Active Addresses See Massive Growth

Whale Alert has reported that Poloniex exchange moved 306 mln TRX to anonymous crypto wallets, while data shows that Tron active addresses are increasing in number fast


Whale Alert has announced that, over the past twenty-four hours, several giant transactions of Tronix (TRX) have been made by the Poloniex exchange.

Meanwhile, major Tron community member Mike McCarthy has tweeted that Tron active addresses have been rising in number quite fast, and much quicker than active addresses on the rival Ethereum network.

Poloniex transfers 306 mln TRX to anon wallets

According to Whale Alert, over the past twenty hours, Poloniex exchange (with Tron CEO Justin Sun being one of its major investors) made three TRX transactions. Two carried 43 mln each, while the third one was worth 220 mln. The total value of the TRX wire is equal to $7,285,167.

Both transfers, which carried 43 mln TRX, were made to the same wallet located on PoloniDEX, the decentralized exchange set up by Poloniex based on the Tron blockchain.

The amount of 220 mln TRX was also sent to PoloniDEX.

Tron active addresses surpass those of Ethereum

Mike McCarthy, an active Tron community member, has shared that, in 2020, the number of active addresses on the Tron network has been rising much faster than that on Ethereum.

However, recently the growth has not been so active. Data from tokenview.com shows that, since Aug. 25, the number of Tron active addresses has been declining, falling from 354,239 on Aug. 25 to 170,460 on Aug. 27.

Meanwhile, Glassnode has reported that the amount of Ethereum non-zero addresses keeps increasing. Today it has reached an all-time high, totaling 46,108,581.

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