EMPIRE Token – an NFT marketplace licensing and more!

We are creating a digital world like no other. Developing dApps and creating solutions is our way to expand the Empire and climb to the top.

Hold the ambitious and transparent Empire Token.

TECHRate Audit: https://empiretoken.world/TechRateAudit.pdf

Website: https://empiretoken.world/
Telegram: https://t.me/empiretokenworld
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RealEmpireToken

Built as the next game-changing NFT dApp, the Empire NFT Marketplace is just the beginning of endless possibilities for Empire.

Empire Token has developed a marketplace where you can buy, sell, and trade NFTs. We’re predicting over 10 thousand unique digital assets to be on the site by the end of the year. The first of a kind, innovative NFT platform that will build bridges between different projects and their communities, starting on the Binance Smart Chain, where there are always flourishing NFT projects that need the support they deserve.

The team is excited to bring you this big news, but firstly, we want to thank all the holders of Empire Token for being so loyal and for joining us since the very beginning of our project. We proudly share with you this feat as we launch the first of an empire of use cases — the Empire NFT Marketplace — a place where anyone can mint, buy, and sell digital assets. Check out the Empire NFT Marketplace by clicking here.

NFTs are revolutionary for the future of gaming, art, and beyond. The more people learn about them, the more they become fascinated with them. They are both beautiful and profitable which means that they are a great investment opportunity.

Create an NFT and trade using a variety of tokens on the Binance Smart Chain

Unlike other NFT marketplaces, Empire accepts tokens of many kinds. For starters, you can list your NFT not only with $BNB but also $EMPIRE.

Our NFT marketplace is also the first-ever marketplace that accepts partnered projects’ native token to mint and trade NFTs. By partnering with Empire, the project will be able to use our marketplace as an IDO platform for their NFT collection, and their community will be able to mint, buy, and sell their NFTs using the project’s native token.

Moreover, in line with our goal to merge the crypto world and real world, we are bring your digital assets to life by adding physical item NFTs to our marketplace.

The marketplace is in beta phase and more features and enhancements will be added soon. Users can expect to see our NFT Licensing feature which will allow creators to license their media for commercial use. Instead of only making a one-time profit, creators can earn steady income by leasing their assets for use.

Start exploring our app! Breathe the air of revolution.

We will change the way people perceive digital assets. The future of NFT is here and it’s beautiful. Enjoy the ride with Empire!

Keep Climbing!

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