FIO – Social – FIO Limited – A Tokenized HUB

FIO Limited – A Tokenized HUB

Earn Cryptocurrencies while socializing.

A Tokenized HUB. FIO – Social is our tokenized social media platform that provides users with an inbuilt economy and an ability to earn/spend crypto currencies within the site. The tokenization and credits system allows users to transfer funds instantly without boarders. All of this is possible all while socializing and staying in contact with friends and family.

Change the way we socialize.

By utilizing blockchain technology we can incentivise our users to interact with one another whilst earning crypto. Post, comment, like and share with your friends and family with a new generation of social media.


We do not KYC users. Verification is only if you want the blue check mark by your profile name. Once we verify any documents are destroyed we do not store or keep information. We are trying to figure out a different way to do this more anonymously but are still searching. You will not need to do this to get tokens or have a profile. 100% opt in. 

What is Friendster tokens?


Social Media token. Web 2.0 on Tron Blockchain

Friendster (FSTER) tokens are a TRC10 token with a 10 billion supply. Token number is 1002226. Please be very careful as there are already fake tokens in the market. Friendster plans to become cross-chain token in the future.

Token Specification:

FRIENDSTER (FSTR) Token Contract ID: 1002226
TOTAL MAXIMUM SUPPLY: 10,000,000,000

Why are there ads? 

Reason there are ads is to pay for the platform. Any ad revenue left over will be used to buy back tokens and keep FSTER token stable. 

Social Media with rewards.

No Ads.
No Data Mining.
No Censorship.

What is the difference between Friendster and other social media sites?

Friendster is a revolutionary social media site where you are paid in crypto (Friendster tokens) for all of your interactions on the site such as liking, posting, commenting, setting up groups and inviting friends. Friendster will never use your data or censor free speech. There are loads of great features available already or being introduced soon, such as integrated gaming, movie and music streaming, groups & forums, tipping tokens to friends and an online marketplace.

How to earn.

While posting, commenting, liking and sharing with your friends you earn tokens. These tokens are redeemable for crypto currencies and will be transferred into your desired account. Users can also spend from within the social site with our own marketplace economy. Movies, Music, Marketplace and Gaming all in the one site. 


System and Payout

You earn tokens through all of your interactions on the site such as liking, commenting, posting, adding friends and setting up groups. You also earn tokens for referring your friends to Friendster and this is discussed in more detail below.

If you check your ‘FSTER Vault’ you will see the balance of the tokens you have earnt so far and your transactions. There are sections to ‘Earn FSTER’ and ‘Shop with FSTER’ which we will be adding to later. In the ‘Tips’ section you can tip tokens to your friends on the site.

We are introducing Tronlink to allow you to withdraw your tokens to a wallet and tokens which will be listed on an exchange.

**** Withdrawal is located in your FSTER Vault. Can take up to 24 hours 10k minimum withdrawal.****

How the referral system works

The referrer will receive tokens when a new user signs up using his referral link.

Go to the 3 dots at the top right on mobile, or left-hand menu on PC and find ‘Invite your friends’. Copy the Link there and send to your friends. Help us to grow Friendster while you earn!

The new user will be counted as referred once they sign up from a new IP address and if no-one has accessed the site from that IP address previously. You can only test your link by sending it to new users. You’re not able to test it by yourself, or by creating new accounts using your IP.

Tokens Reward System

  • 10 – Invite Friends (for each invited friend)
  • 500 – Refer friends (actual signup)
  • 20 – Signup Bonus
  • 1 – Add a friend
  • 100 – Upload profile photo
  • 100 – Edit / Update profile
  • 100 – Update Cover
  • 1 – Login to site (requires logout)
  • 10 – Clicking on an ad
  • 1 – New Post
  • 1 – Comment a post
  • 1 – Like a post
  • 1 – Share a post
  • 10 – Create new page
  • -1 – dislike a post
  • 10 – Adding a Song
  • 10 – Upload an album
  • 10 – Upload new photo / photo to album
  • 10 – Post a blog
  • 10 – Create a classified
  • 10 – Create new event
  • 10 – Create a poll
  • 1 – Participate in poll
  • 20 – Create new group
  • 10 – Join a group
  • 1 – Leave a group

Time to get rewarded?

Be Social, get rewarded. Our platform is a redistribution of wealth. Tipping for Premium Content, blog, pages, groups and a marketplace. No Data Mining. No Spyware. No content manipulation. Immersive gaming coming soon. FIO Social was founded in Denver, Co. This project is 100% self funded and never did an ICO. This is a community driven project. We have a very extensive tech team building the ground work for a very ambitious social media platform. Such things a Post Tipping, Blog Tipping, Up voting are in the works for the platform.

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