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Author Topic: BBOD - Blockchain Board of Derivatives  (Read 150 times)

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BBOD - Blockchain Board of Derivatives
« on: October 11, 2019, 05:35:49 AM »
Announcing BBOD: A High-Speed, Non-custodial Cryptocurrency Futures Trading Platform
Implementing professional trading techniques with blockchain technology to create a futures trading platform with stable coin deposits and non-custodial clients’ accounts.

BBOD in Brief

Blockchain Board of Derivatives (BBOD) is a hybrid, semi-decentralised cryptocurrency futures trading platform that provides a real-time, ultra-fast matching engine in conjunction with a decentralised, secure blockchain based settlement which is controlled by clients.

BBOD accepts deposits in the stable coin TrueUSD (TUSD) and offers futures trading on 16 cryptocurrencies against TUSD, enabling you to find opportunity in both rising and falling markets.

Our hybrid architecture offers the user experience of a traditional centralized trading platform whilst providing the security and privacy of a decentralized exchange.

The private Beta version of the BBOD’s platform was launched in Q3/2019.

Our Trading Products

Financial instruments:
1. Perpetual Futures Contracts — contracts that have no expiration date
2. Standard Futures Contracts — contracts with a specific expiration date

Deposit currency: TUSD
Settlement currency: TUSD
Leverage: 50x for the most liquid contracts and 25x for our other contracts

Buy and sell futures contracts on multiple cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, EOS, NEO, Binance, Litecoin, Stellar, Cardano, IOTA, Monero, NEM, ICON, Elastos, Decred, Digibyte, all contracts vs. TUSD.

Our Key Features

Go long and short on Bitcoin and multiple Altcoins with leverage

Traders will have the opportunity to buy and sell futures contracts on multiple popular cryptocurrencies against TrueUSD (TUSD). Moreover, clients can create hundreds different trading variants of futures contracts pairs. For example, if a trader anticipates that Stellar will weaken against Cardano, he can go short on Stellar vs. Cardano, by selling a futures contract on Stellar/TUSD and go long buying a contract on Cardano/TUSD.

Stable Deposit Currency

Profits, losses, account balances and margin requirements are denominated in the stable cryptocurrency TrueUSD (TUSD). Such a unique feature eliminates the substantial exchange rate risk typical for very high volatility cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. For example, in unfavorable market conditions, a trader may earn 30% on a Bitcoin futures contract while losing 50% on his deposit in Bitcoin.

Use Leverage to Maximise Your Profit Potential

BBOD offers up to 50x leverage on the most liquid contracts and 25x leverage on other contracts. Thus, for example, if a trader deposits 100 TUSD, he is able to safely trade contracts worth several thousands of TUSD using leverage.

Speculation, Hedging, and Long-Term Investment

Short-term speculators will likely prefer to trade perpetual futures contracts that offer the highest liquidity. Hedgers and long-term investors (e.g. miners) would favor our standard futures contracts that are free of funding fees.

Innovative Products

Our roadmap includes the development of many sophisticated products. The ultimate goal is to provide trading products that will fulfill the needs of the fast-growing crypto community. Moving forward, we will introduce: futures contracts on +100 altcoins, indices, stocks, commodities, as well as vanilla options and other sophisticated trading products customised for professional traders.

Combining Security and Speed

Non-Custodial Accounts

Each BBOD client has his or her own personal contract account on the Ethereum blockchain. The BBOD trading platform does not hold either the clients’ digital assets or their private keys. Thus, BBOD is unable to withhold, mismanage or lose your funds because we physically do not have your private keys.

On-Chain Settlement

Once a day an update of clients’ blockchain balances is performed. The rules of this update are programmed into the smart contract. Thus, they are transparent for everyone to see, unchangeable and fully autonomous. Moreover, the update process is protected against hackers by using mathematical properties of the settlement vectors, ensuring the attack surface is minimal.

Off-Chain, Ultra-Fast Trading

The ultrafast matching engine allows us to minimise the clients order processing latency. There is no waiting for the blockchain to confirm transactions. Trading actions are confirmed on our off-chain ledger immediately and sent to the blockchain for settlement of funds once a day.

How To Start Trading on BBOD
  • Register for a BBOD account using your email address.
  • BBOD will then create your personal BBOD contract account.
  • Then simply deposit TUSD to your personal contract account just created. You can convert your Ethereum, Bitcoin and other +100 cryptocurrencies to TUSD on our platform.
  • Now you can start buying or selling futures contracts with up to 50x leverage. Our matching engine is able to process 1,250,000 messages per second.
  • BBOD’s smart contract performs autonomous, secure and controlled settlement of your profit or loss from your off-chain account to your personal contract wallet on Blockchain at the end of each trading day.
  • BBOD does not hold private keys to the clients accounts.
Huobi, Okex, Bitmex, and Deribit are the most popular cryptocurrency futures trading platforms that are comparable in some ways to our platform:

BBD Token in short

BBD token is an ERC-20 utility token built on Ethereum and serves as a medium of payment for transaction fees on the BBOD platform.

Contract #: 0xb79fc5505ea4f3b920ee7e3349de064226692717

Circulating Supply: 117,282,569 BBD

Total Supply: 275,803,582 BBD

BBD Token’s utility

BBD is the token fueling the BBOD Trading platform ecosystem. BBD token is an ERC-20 utility token built on Ethereum and serves as a medium of payment for transaction fees on the BBOD platform. The total supply decreases every week at a rate depending on trading volume due to the buyback and burn mechanism.

  • Paying fees – Trading fees are paid only in BBD which creates massive demand for BBD from traders.
  • Buyback and Burn – We will be burning tokens equal to 15% of all fees generated on futures contracts and repurchasing and burning tokens equal to 10% of net additions to the insurance fund.
  • Cashback – Users will receive up to 20% discount of the fees paid by them according to their daily trading volume and BBD balance.
Demand Increases & Supply Decreases
BBD token economics has a built-in natural mechanism of reducing supply and increasing demand that is contingent on trading volume. The Buyback & Burn mechanism will cause the BBD token supply to decrease every week while paying fees in BBD generates instant demand in order for users to transact on BBOD. Assuming the increase in demand is equal to the decrease in supply, the shift in both supply and demand curves are proportionately equal. Effectively, the equilibrium quantity remains the same however the equilibrium price rises.

BBD Transparency Dashboard provides real-time insights into all subsequent BBD burns, as verified by the Ethereum blockchain.
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