500pcs Garden Glow In The Dark Luminous Pebbles For Walkways Plants Aquarium Decor Glow Stones Fish Tank Garden Decoration


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  • Model Number: Z010
  • Luminous or Not: Yes
  • Material: Other

Product use:


vase, fish tank; garden decoration, swimming pool decoration, bar decoration; villa gardening and landscaping, children play games, etc.


Applicable landscaping:


luminous ornaments, fish tanks, aquarium garden landscaping, home furnishings.

Note:When you receive the package, you need to take out the stone inside. Expose it under the sun for 1 hour. You need to flatten the stone so that the stone fully absorbs the light source, so that it will shine.





1. Q: The luminous stone received will not shine, what’s wrong?


Answer: The luminous stone can only emit light by absorbing the storage light source. The luminous stone received from the courier does not emit light because there is no absorbing light source in the express box. As long as you get the sun or the light for 5-10 minutes, it will glow again. Luminous stone can be used repeatedly!


2. Q: The luminous stone that has been exposed to the sun for a day, but it is still not bright at night?


Answer: The principle of luminous light is to absorb light and emit light, and then absorb light and then emit light. During the process of storing the light, it also starts to emit light. If the light is absorbed during the day, the highlight period of the night light is passed, and there is no light source absorption at night, so only the weak light of the luminous stone can be seen, but this time you can see the light is very bright when you turn on the light or flashlight Too.


3. Q: Is there any luminous stone that shines for a long time?


Answer: Energy can neither be produced nor vanished, it can only be transferred from one object to another, and the forms of energy can also be converted to each other, called the law of conservation of energy. The same is true for luminous stones, as long as there is continuous light absorption, the luminous stones will always glow. But at night or in a dark place, there is no light source to absorb, the light stored by the luminous stone will be used up slowly, very bright, very bright, bright, generally bright, faintly bright, not bright… until the light source absorbs , The luminous stone glows again.


    Luminous stone, also known as phosphorescent stone, does not emit light by itself, and can only emit light after absorbing the light source! The luminous effect is not obvious in the daytime or bright places, and the luminous fluorescent effect can only be shown in relatively dark places! Luminous material is just an environmentally friendly material that can emit fluorescence (fireflies) in the dark, and it is not comparable to electric light source materials!

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