SafeMeme – A unique Rugpull-Proof utility token and exchange platform


A unique Rugpull-Proof utility token and exchange platform, powered by Binance Smart Chain. The future of BSC (BEP20) investing, all in one token.

SafeMeme Explained

SafeMeme was created to solve the significant issue that the BSC investing market is facing right now. There are way too many “rug pull” scams that are taking advantage of new investors. SafeMeme’s platform is here to solve this problem. We’re building a platform where new projects will have to be audited before they will be listed; by doing that, new investors can come onto our platform to see which new tasks have passed our safety protocol. That includes contract auditing, pre-sale & launch audition (avoiding whales, bots, whitelisting, etc.), tokenomics auditing, following our safety protocol significantly lowers the risk of investing in the project.

Why SafeMeme

SafeMeme is a deflationary token that operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20), meaning there are virtually no gas fees and almost instantaneous swaps! This is a token that rewards holders and punishes sellers, which can encourage a steadier price action. SafeMeme is a community project, meaning that the community will be involved in developing the project. Each member will be able to participate in the discussion and submit ideas.  All tokens listed on SafeMeme’s exchange and launchpad will be audited and vetted, ensuring they pass the SafeMeme safety protocol. The developers are fully doxxed and dedicated to make SafeMeme the number one platform for BSC tokens. We believe that Crypto is the world’s financial future, and we’re here to create a safe investing environment for BEP20 tokens.

SafeMeme Community Token

The $SAFEMEME token is a deflationary, fee-earning token used for governance and weighting the platform. We have built a token that will reward you for holding it without having to stake it manually. Just sit back, relax, and watch your $SafeMeme automatically increase! Each transaction triggers a 6% fee, where 2% is redistributed to all the current holders in proportion to their existing holdings, 2% will be burned, decreasing the token’s total supply (making it more scarce over time), and 2% is added to the locked liquidity wallet. This inversely proportional relationship constitutes a supply and demand model. 

SafeMeme Reward Staking

SafeMeme features a two-tier staking model to reward participation in our platform. Stakers can stake their SafeMeme as a liquidity pool on the exchange, earning a fee for each transaction made. The second option is to hold your $SafeMeme tokens and get rewarded from the fee system we have implemented.

SafeMeme LP Tokens – Liquidity providers can stake their LP tokens and be rewarded appropriately to contribute to the exchange’s health.

SafeMeme Holders – Earn from the transaction fees just by holding, 2% burn, 2% redistribution, and 2% LP, raising the value and amount of your tokens with each transaction made.

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