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Doc Vince is a medical doctor and a blockchain advocate who has been into crypto since 2016 and involved in several blockchain projects in both private and government sector in the Philippines and North America. He is a faculty in AlthHash University on blockchain basics and and member of the Advisory Board of the International Council of Registered Blockchain Professionals.

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City of Williston becomes first municipality in the state to accept cryptocurrency for utility bills

By Michael AnthonyPublished: May. 14, 2021 at 5:34 PM CDT

WILLISTON, N.D. – Through a service called “Bitpay,” residents of the city of Williston will be able to use cryptocurrency to pay their utility bills.
Crypto has been around for a while, but it was the rise of Bitcoin that popularized the idea of virtual currency. “Back in 2017 I was working at a poker table, and crypto was being talked about at the table and everyone was talking about bitcoin and the price of it,” said Colton Brown, a Crypto user.

Bitcoin has been the poster child for cryptocurrencies, but the market goes way deeper than just that. People who missed out on the rise of bitcoin are now searching for the next innovation in the market.
“Bitcoin and Ethereum are stable coins, but (I also have) Polkadot, Chainlink, Uniswap, Algorand. Just a few,” said Jacob Latuszek, a Crypto user.
Name brand and word of mouth advertising are ways cryptocurrencies is gaining notoriety. Businesses large and small have begun to take crypto as a form of payment, but it’s practically unheard of for local or state governments to try it. That’s why Williston is putting its foot in the door, becoming just the third municipality in the nation to do so.
“It just shows that Williston’s making a bold statement, showing that we do embrace these technological changes. We want to be a leader and position ourselves to be at the forefront of this emerging technology,” said Finance Director Hercules Cummings.
It’s always welcomed to see more openness towards crypto usage, but a potential problem in virtual currency is the supposed value of said coin.

Read Full Article at:,City%20of%20Williston%20becomes%20first%20municipality%20in%20the,accept%20cryptocurrency%20for%20utility%20bills&text=WILLISTON%2C%20N.D.,to%20pay%20their%20utility%20bills.

Bitcoin Meister & Althash# NFT & DEX (Decentralized exchange) – updates @the CryptoLounge

Bitcoin Meister & Althash # NFT & DEX (Decentralized exchange) Bitcoin Meister is building the next generation digital currency bank, based on a pay as you go platform. Start being your own bank today!. Bitcoin Meister is a solution designed for a world with digital currencies built for specific use, where countries and governments no longer have a monopoly on currencies. The development of partnerships with innovative crypto projects ensures a stream of new users and a base for which we can further develop our own platform.

Launching of the 1st FinTech TVApp in Africa

Launching of the 1st FinTech TVApp in Africa Unveiling of the First 24/7 live Broadcasting Cryptocurreny and Fintech TV App in Africa By CoinNewsExtra. .

Intel-SOLN the Future of Learning and Education

When there is an alternative to Learning and Education. 180,000+ tools. 29 languages. The courses, books, and videos you need to stay sharp. IT is a Curated learning paths, personalization by AI, tailored learning programs, and so much more..

Dealing with Imposter Syndrome w/ Dr. Tammy Francis

Dealing with Imposter Syndrome w/ Dr. Tammy Francis About our Guest: a native of Corpus Christi, Texas. Affectionately called Dr. Tammy, The Catalyst, She is an edupreneur. The owner and CEO of Catalyst 4 Change Global, LLC, Catalyst 4 Change Travel, T. F. Donaldson Global Enterprises, LLC, and Catalyst 4 Change Apparel. I am the founder of the rapidly growing Catalyst 4 Change Global Community. She pursues all that allows space to teach and serve others, so she does it all—well almost. Dr. Tammy she is an Assistant Professor who is also a Life Strategist, Literacy Educator and Consultant, Educational Researcher, Speaker, Author, Podcaster, Mentor, and Traveler.

Blockchain in Education w/ Manoel Luis F. BELEM

Blockchain in Education w/ Manoel Luis F. BELEM About our GUEST: Pioneer in PBL and STEM Programs in Brazil for Schools and Universities. ( HTMLcoin Ambassador & CELO Ambassador in Brazil. Development of Learn Steam an mApp Platform to support Teachers, Students, Parents and Sponsors step-by-step during any STEAM Learning Program for High School, College or University. Pioneer in implementing STEM Learning Programs in Brazil: , including (2013), (2014) and, Greenpower-EDUBRA (2016), Project e-Kar (2017) and Blockchain in Schools 2018/19. Founder of SpaceTrip4Us in 2013, a StartUp space agency for students space programs using STEM methodology. ( Implementation of One Stop Shop for Trading & Distribution Logistics for Target Trading. Development of Alliance Partnership for Parcel Distribution for Timelog Logistica. Business Unit Manager of the Impsat Fiber Network Brazil in Broadcast / Distance Learning, (1998), Strategic Planner for ABC Group- today Grupo ALGAR – in electronics (88/89 sales US$ 80/150mi, 2500 employees). Development of new business in telecommunication area, such as mobile telephony and military communications systems, simulators and electronic warfare. Coordination of the Sistema Móvel Celular- Brasília (Telebrás bid 002/89). Project of a hybrid thick film manufacture facility, applied predominantly to the automotive industry (3millions ccts/year). Design and implantation of this unit for ABC group in the city of Campinas in 1986. Assurance of know-how and technology transfer during the implementation period of the pioneer thick film facility in South America. Specialties: Expert in diffusion of New Technology concepts Scientific Methodology & Logical Modeling Bachelor of Science in Physics with specialization in Business & Marketing Administration Strong market analysis and Strategic Planning skills Business Development Senior Advisor, recommending new IT solution. Visit his Linkedin Account: visit website: for cryptoanayltic course:…/1FAIpQLSfHSkWtljeTRB…/viewform
About the Host: Doc Vince is a medical doctor and a blockchain advocate.
Cryptolounge is the social media platform where we interview, talk to industry leaders, influencers, people who are in blockchain and cryptocurrency community.
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Blockchain Specialist as a Career, a profession of the future

Blockchain Specialist a profession, a career of the future w/ Suleiman Garba Sule Suleiman is a graduate of AltHash University and he will be sharing his views on Blockchain and how it is and will be applicable in the modern world of Technology as a career/profession of the Future. this is powered by HTMLCOIN, Althash Blockchain in collaboration with Althash University visit:
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Crypto Kids – Teaching Crypto and Blockchain to our Future Generation

About our Guest: Fred Brandon Executive Director Crypto Kids Camp With over 20 years of IT experience, Fred has used his expertise to teach and build across the world. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, he enjoys creating, traveling, exploring new possibilities, sharing knowledge, and being an inspiration to others. He’s a huge advocate of children’s literacy programs, STEAM, and financial literacy. As a serial entrepreneur, he’s the CEO and founder of Brand New Technologies, Brand New Travels, Moor Owned Businesses, and a podcast Get Wealthy Wednesdays that focuses on topics of tech, health, and generational wealth. is an Entrepreneur, Author, International Speaker, and Technologist. He is also a graduate of ALtHAsh Blockchain University:
Crypto Kids teaching campers new skills that will prepare them for the economy of the future, showing them career opportunities they might never have imagined.​ this is powered by: HTMLCOIN

Asset, Value of Money, Property, Philosophy of Bitcoin – w Atty. Rafael Padilla

Asset, Value of Money, Property, Philosophy of Bitcoin – w Atty Rafael Padilla About our Guest: Author, Fintech: Law & First Principles Makati, National Capital Region, Philippines FINTECH & BLOCKCHAIN heavily focus on public policy issues and legal implications of financial technology, digital assets and blockchain technology INVESTMENTS help businesses properly understand relevant laws and regulations that must be complied with and to manage legal risks involved in particular investments

Advocating Blockchain Technology in Africa and Across the Globe through Social Media

Advocating Blockchain Technology in Africa and across the Globe through Social Media w/ Lee Ucheoma Ohaeri About Our Guest: Lee is a global innovator with lots of experience in Blockchain, cryptocurrency, Fintech, Agriculture and entrepreneurship. Currently the CEO of CoinNewsExtra, the largest Cryptocurrency, blockchain and Fintech media platform headquartered in Nigeria West Africa and international partner at World Business angel investment forum. He also educates organizations, governments and individuals on how to leverage emerging technology to create wealth and innovations. Host and moderator of a weekly blockchain and Cryptocurrency virtual panel discussion, a program that brings industry leaders, regulators and innovators to discussing the way forward and challenges facing the space.

Need For Blockchain In HealthCare

Doc Vince a Blockchain Advocate speaks about Need For Blockchain In #HealthCare​ during CoinNewsExtra’s interview session… Contact us for participations and Sponsorship Visit​​​​​​​​​​ for more informations about #blockchain​​​​​​​​​#fintech​​​​​​​​​#technology​​​​​​​​​#AI​​​​​​​​​#coinnewsextra​​​​​​​​​
(Recently Invited to be a guest in Coin News Extra for the topic of Blockchain in HealthCare.)​

ARNO Token – Industrial Energy Tech and Blockchain with CEO Artem Zhdanok interview

ARNO Token – Industrial Nano Energy Tech and Blockchain with CE\PO Artem Zhdanok
About our Guest: Artem Zhdanok CPO & Head of ARNO Token Project, Head of Laboratory of Secondary Power Source – Advanced Carbon Solution LLC. The technologies for producing carbon nanomaterials, in particular carbon nanotubes, intercalated graphite and graphene structures, developed and implemented for industrial use by our team over the past few years, allow us to produce additives of various types for various fields of application. This allows our team of scientists, engineers and technologists to use our proprietary additives to store energy, improve efficiency, increase the capacity and life of our batteries, and more. ARNO token is based on ETH — ERC-20;
The total token emission is 50000000; The token is not reissued; The token has been verified and can be viewed at the address:…/0x7Aa885b81cd8bdE980dF6ECaD86033…

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CryptoMarket Analytics w/ Nicholas Peterson

Cryptocurrency Market Analytics w/ Nicholas Peterson Nicholas Peterson, BCom, MS, MS, MBA. Program & Faculty Chair of AltHAsh University – 10 years Proprietary Equity & Cryptocurrency Trader. – Head Market Analyst at – Trading Mentor & Educator. – Program & Faculty Chair: Cryptocurrency Market Analytics Althash University Chicago Illinois (USA)

Identifying Crypto-SCAMS – with Crypto CRAIG

Identifying Crypto-SCAMS – with Crypto CRAIG There are a thousand Cryptocurrency platforms out there who promises to good to be true interests and commission and end up getting your hard earned Cryptocurrency. Join us this Wednesday 2/24/2021 9:00 pm CST, 10:00pm EST to talk about how to identify this companies, What are the warning signs. Red FLAGS, things that you should look out for and when you see it, you should run away from it. financial training and having a system:
Educate yourself:

Current and Future Regulations of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in the Philippines w/ Atty. Padilla

About our Guest: Author, Fintech: Law & First Principles Makati, National Capital Region, Philippines
FINTECH & BLOCKCHAIN heavily focus on public policy issues and legal implications of financial technology, digital assets and blockchain technology
INVESTMENTS help businesses properly understand relevant laws and regulations that must be complied with and to manage legals risks involved in particular investments
This was multistreamed with Quadchain Soultions Foundation Inc. and cohosted with Mr. Edgar Tuliao.

The Convergence of Blockchain Technology and the Bible w/ Sam Bright

About the Guest: Sam Bright is an active staff and faculty of AltHash Blockchain University and one of the Officers of HTMLCoin Foundation, a proficient writer and a follower of the Word.


What to Expect? By the END of the presentation you would be able to have a good understanding on the following concepts.
1. Financial and Economic Case for Bitcoin
2. Theory and Application of Cryptocurrency
3. Blockchain Uses Cases and SCAM – to wrap It up
4. Blockchain, The Philippine setting.
This is presentation by Quadchain Solutions Foundation Inc. in collaboration with the CryptoLounge.

Talking About Blockchain with Edgar Tuliao

Talking About BLockchain with Me. Edgar Tuliao – of Quadchain Solutions About our Guest: Chief Financial Officer at Quadchain Solutions Foundation Incorporated If you have been following banking, investing, or cryptocurrency over the last ten years, you may be familiar with “blockchain,” the record-keeping technology behind the Bitcoin network. And there’s a good chance that it only makes so much sense. In trying to learn more about blockchain, you’ve probably encountered a definition like this: “blockchain is a distributed, decentralized, public ledger.” The good news is that blockchain is actually easier to understand than that definition sounds.