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WalletConnect App on Google Play Store Vulnerable or has been posted but not checked by Google Play.

Scam Alert #2 – Avoid using WalletConnect App on Google Play Store. Vulnerable? or inside job?

I found a link WalletConnect in TrustWallet, only ask for QR code to connect, but I installed if from @GooglePlay, I opened it and I input my PrivKey there was an error, few hours or days I think, my ETH balance was withdrawn. GooglePlay must be responsible for this. See the images.7:08 PM · Apr 20, 20

The Google Play Store is a responsible for the every Apps uploaded on their platform. GooglePlay Store is irresponsible, they didn’t check the script of the apps. You must check every app especially financial application. The WalletConnect was protected by Play Protect but useless protection.

This article is happened in actual situation.

“There is no place for the SCAMMER & PHISHER in this WORLD”

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